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Montañita: Beach Life (Documentary Film) PART 1

Montañita: Beach Life (Documentary Film) PART 1について

Music by Christopher Charles Narration by Daniel Murrell Directed by Tom and Lukasz Antos Montañita Beach Life - a documentary film For several decades, Montañita - a beach town in Ecuador - had been a little-heard-of destination known only by surfers and off-the-beaten-path travellers. But whoever passed through it was left with indelible memories. The town has a unique vibe that is palpable as soon as you enter. You see everyone at ease, smiling, eager to make friends and have fun. Whoever you are, wherever you come from - you can't but dive into this vibe and become like one of these chilled beach bums. The place is addictive and that is because happiness is addictive. So a word of warning - do not make firm plans for your return, because most visitors overstay and some never leave. In the recent years, however, Montañita has experienced a lot of exposure and growth. As is often the case, this development has brought a host of challenges that threaten to destroy the unique character of the town. So a question arises. As Montañita becomes big and successful, will it retain its special vibe? Or will its magic be broken? Here's the official page for the film ___________________________________ Watch over six hours of Tom Antos' free filmmaking tutorials here or see his other YouTube channel Watch a behind-the-scenes of this film (part I) and (part II) Follow Tom Antos on: Twitter Facebook Website Google+ My name's Tom Antos and I make videos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over twelve years of experience in VFX & animation. Jak sie masz?! I'm originally from Poland ;)

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