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iPhone 4 and 4S proximity sensor issue fix

iPhone 4 and 4S proximity sensor issue fixについて

In this video I explain why your proximity sensor may not work properly or just not function at all after replacing your iPhone 4 or 4S front assembly (LCD/digitizer). What causes this is when the proximity sensor port lets in too much light, it can't tell if something is covering it and may be letting in light from somewhere else. This is usually because the glass port just above your ear speaker is clear when there should be a black gasket with a black divider in the middle. Sometimes when you order parts, the manufacturer may have overlooked this flaw and just not put the gasket on the glass sensor port. You can remove this gasket from your original part(s), however if you plan on reusing your original parts for resell or other purposes, I suggest being very careful as to not scratch off the colored enamel on the glass. But if the glass is already broken then there's no need to be careful. Just simply place the gasket over the port and you should be fine. As for replacement parts and kits you can PM me for links to sellers I use on a regular basis for both best prices and quality. iPhone 4 black or white front assemblies usually range between $30-$35 and colored assemblies are about $45-$50, full iPhone 4 kits are $50-$55 and full 4S kits range from $50-$60 in any color. Also as a warning DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM ZEETRON.COM, their parts are very low quality and very overpriced (example: front black/white iPhone 4 assembly - $85). All parts I use are from trusted US eBay sellers (and some from hong kong) where you have eBay seller/buyer protection, great customer support and you can always find the type of quality your looking for. Comment, rate, subscribe Follow me on twitter: @6italia0

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