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MIMIX - Hopperについて

Unlike any other topwater lures that you've ever seen and tried before, this lure is not a popper, walk-a-dog nor buzzbait, this is totally a whole new breed of topwater lure and the action produced by this lure is like "jumping frog", combining subtle popping action and splashing action, this lure moves / jumps up and down creating "jumping" action like what frog does. Introducing new lure action the "Jumper" and MIMIX proudly to presents you the ultimate "jumper" lure called "Hopper". Designed after frog species, crafted with great detail textures and equipped with extra strong sharp hook, the "Hopper" is a truly the ultimate "Jumper" lure that you have ever tried. "Hopper" is introduced & designed for big predatory fishes mainly the Giant Snakehead fish that commonly found in south-East-Asia. "Hopper" produces great "Jumping" action that what frog does when it swims and trying to escape from its predators. This action absolutely will entice predator fishes to strike with no hesitation.

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