A&Z #384 - Atlas vs Hadog's Devastating Hotdog Challenge in Prague, Czech Republic!! Hey everybody!! For this food challenge I'm with my friend Tomas at Hadog in Prague, Czech Republic. We will each be taking on their 1 kg extra spicy Devastating Hotdog Challenge which is topped with a ghost pepper salsa, and I'll be trying to get my second win of the day in Prague. In addition to being a spicy challenge, this was also a speed challenge because everything had to be eaten within 5 short minutes. FC SHIRTS, HATS, & BEARS VIA OUR NEW AMAZON STORE: CHECK OUT & SUPPORT MY NEW PATREON PAGE: Hadog's Devastating Hotdog Challenge (300 CZK): The entire challenge weighs around 1 kg and consist of beef, bacon, cheddar, onion rings, and lettuce, served on a homemade baguette split up into 3 separate pieces. It is topped with an extra spicy salsa that contains ghost peppers. Challengers who can finish everything within 5 minutes win their meal free of charge. Challengers who finish in less than 30 minutes get a significant discount, and every person who finishes gets his or her name and photo posted up on Hadog's Wall of Fame. (Costs ~ $12 USD) Please note that I have no idea and was never able to find out why they call this a hotdog, since it has little in common with a typical hotdog, which is why I referred to it as a burger at the end. BIG THANKS TO MY FRIEND TOMAS VITEK FOR TAKING THE CHALLENGE WITH ME!! This video was filmed on Monday, May 9, 2016 (5/9/2016). Check out our YouTube Channel and How To Videos: FOLLOW & SUPPORT ME AS I DOMINATE FOOD CHALLENGES ACROSS THE GLOBE WHILE ALSO HELPING PEOPLE BETTER UNDERSTAND NUTRITION & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: PATREON: T-SHIRTS: WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: MAIN YT CHANNEL: Enjoy the video? Like + Share + Subscribe!! FOOD CHALLENGE STRATEGIES & LOCATE AN EATING CHALLENGE NEAR YOU: Hadog's website: Hadog's Facebook: WATCH OTHER GREAT VIDEOS FROM MY 2016 EATING SEASON: 8lb "Big Wick" Pizza: Billy Ray's Burger: 30" Jailhouse Pizza: Tartar Sauce Burger: Loaded Potato Meal: Vegas Slider Challenge: McFadden's Challenge: 10lb Naked City Pizza: 8lb Vegas Pub Burger: For Business Inquiries Only: Atlas [at] ** Randy Santel is a professional eater who specializes in winning and promoting restaurant food challenges all around the world. Randy began his eating career right after winning a national body transformation contest in 2010 sponsored by Men's Health Magazine and the global hit TV series Spartacus. He is the owner and operator of the website while also focusing highly on nutrition and fitness so that he can stay lean and in top physical shape while doing all the challenges that he does. Randy has the most restaurant eating challenge wins in the world out of all competitive eaters both past and present. He is also the number 1 source for tips and advice if you are looking to TRAIN, STRATEGIZE, and DOMINATE all types of food challenges. Please never forget to WIN BEFORE YOU BEGIN!! Video Edited by "Magic Mitch" Dombrowski YouTube: Facebook: Video Intro Animation Created By Case Harts: Website: Twitter: Video Outro Slide Created By Ken Sippy: YouTube: Twitter: Music - "News and Current Events Drum Mix" “A Call to Duty” YouTube Audio Library "Last Second" "Hiking" Sound Effect: "Whip Whoosh Coax Cable" THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING & ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!!

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