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MAD ANGEL - Foster Care PRISONについて

On Second thought, a weekly Tv show produced, copyrighted, since May 2000 in Santa Maria, exposing the massive corruption in government and a intentionally failed judicial system, which violates the Constitution. Angela Borhs, "Mad Angel" explains why Foster Care was worse, than the Molestation she received at the hands of her mothers boyfriend [step-dad] in State of Oregon, where Melissa Gaston, was so severely abused BY C.P.S. authorities in 23 different Foster homes, that today as a 23 year adult, she is still held prisoner, on SSI, More money for her "controller" , so she won't be able to SUE in court the judge, the case workers, the monster teacher - Hazel Spees, for using Melissa for Kiddie porn, produced BY the STATE of OREGON. Angel is seriously considering lawsuit against Molly Gardiner & DCF in Portland.

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