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2011 Rural Broadband Storyについて

For more information about Pioneer Public TV, including how you can become a member, go to http://www.pioneer.org. Additional Pioneer productions can also be viewed online at http://video.pioneer.org. While many internet providers claim to give access to broadband, a lack of definition to the term leaves many Americans wondering if they are receiving the best service. Specifically in our rural communities, like those in midwest Minnesota, companies providing "high-speed" internet may only be getting users a moderately-fast download speed, while upload speeds are severely lacking. This becomes a problem when companies--like Nephropath in Montevideo, Minn.--need to communicate and send medical billing reports to their home office in Arkansas. And while dial-up may be ancient history for many internet users in the country, some of these areas are only now able to upgrade to faster DSL connections.

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