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100 Ways to Die in Oblivion

100 Ways to Die in Oblivionについて

A video showing a hundred ways to get killed in Oblivion. (Do note that this is mostly just for fun and a good few of these are NOT actual ways of getting killed... just comedic value.) The citizens of Tamriel have it pretty rough going about their (ab?)normal daily lives. Death at every corner. This poor Imperial Citizen shows us a good few ways of meeting up with the Nine Divines earlier than expected. Music used: Please check the video credits Regarding LP (Death No. 19): I'm not saying they're bad, I own three of their albums. What I'm implying is that too many videos use LP songs... Overused music is overused. Programs used: -Fraps -VirtualDub -DivXLand Media Subtitler -Windows Movie Maker -TES IV: Oblivion -Shivering Isles Expansion Pack Notes: -I didn't really summon Mehrunes Dagon, I spawned him via the console. -I didn't 'become' Rufio or Valen, just create your character to look like them and wear the same clothes! -I know Chuck Norris doesn't die... It's a joke. -No.97 is correct. Dementia smith doesn't like you using the Mania smith. -No. 43 is a reference to Sony's 2006 E3 comment actually: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Enemy_Crab Mods used: Note: If you're thinking "WTF OMG WHERE YOUO FIND THAT?!?!/22/111oneone?" or "UMFG HEZ A HAKCZORSZ CHEATERH OLOl!!!11" , then more than likely it's a mod. -Feint Death (this mod is the one that allows you to throw yourself.... REQUIRES 'OBSE') -Lynges Unlimited Death Reload Time -Hilarity -Akatosh Mount -Seph Hand to Hand Animation -Chuck Norris!!! (by Kaiem) -Tdas Pyramid Head -Sauron's Armor Chest -Castle Knightstone -Amazing Jump -Chase Camera -Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (also known as OOO) -DarNified UI -Nighteye Shader Replacement -Real Lava -UMPA Dance and Pose -OBSE -Realistic Ragdolls and Force V3 -Better Bell Sounds (You can hear it at death #6) All mods from http://www.tesnexus.com Annotation Note: For those who don't 'get' it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_soap_radio The Death list: 1. Eating a Poisoned Apple 2. Being a Thief 3. Being a Citizen of Kvatch 4. Accidentally summoning Mehrunes Dagon 5. Basejumping wihout a Parachute 6. Falling down Stairs 7. Freezing to Death 8. Sleeping in Hackdirt 9. Being Ugly 10. Getting Gassed 11. Faceplant 12. Being a Necromancer 13. Gassed again 14. Using Yourself as a Missile 15. Being Overweight "Omg, heartattack!" 16. Being hit by a flaming Dog 17. Failing to Entertain 18. Telling a Khajit Joke 19. Thinking of using a Linkin Park Song 20. Getting Crushed 21. Drowning 22. Desecrating an Altar 23. Trying to jump into a Barrel 24. Being the Adoring Fan 25. Getting into an Arena Handicap Match 26. Getting hit by Apples 27. Slipping while on Dive Rock 28. Overdosing on Drugs 29. Getting into a Pub Brawl 30. Being Rufio 31. Getting 'Grated' 32. Being Chuck Norris... Oh wait... 33. Falling into a Spike Trap 34. Fighting the Gatekeeper 35. Sleeping in a haunted Mansion 36. Forgetting you're a Vampire 37. Angering a God 38. Losing your Footing 39. Getting your Damage reflected 40. Getting your Spell reflected 41. Failing at Acrobatics 42. Being Valen Dreth 43. Getting hit in "the Weakpoint for MASSIVE DAMAGE!" 44. Failing at Backflips 45. Fighting your Clone 46. Spontaneous Combustion 47. Not watching your step 48. Being posted outside the City Walls 49. Not standing over by the Window 50. Getting Trolled 51. Getting into a Hand to Hand Minotaur Fight 52. Being a Mythic Dawn Agent 53. Stepping on a Landmine 54. Being the Gray Fox 55. Walking into a Spike Trap 56. Unmounting Mid-air 57. Getting Paralysed 58. Being a Football 59. Getting caught with your pants down 60. Highwayman'd 61. Tripping into a Sigil Stone 62. Being too fast 63. Meeting Umbra 64. Getting Crushed 65. Going on a Diet 66. Breaking one of the 5 Tenets 67. Being unaware 68. Failing at Sidestepping 69. Black Horse Courier'd 70. Fighting a Dragon 71. Meeting a Pirate 72. Depression 73. Too much HDR 74. Getting your drink spiked 75. Having a Riding Accident 76. Fighting a Siege Crawler 77. Insulting other people's Mothers 78. Meeting Pyramid head 79. "One does not simply walk into Oblivion" 80. Old Age 81. Meeting Sauron 82. Getting hanged while on Fire 83. Being Invisible 84. Getting owned by a Necromancer 85. Falling down a Chasm 86. Impaling yourself 87. Walking onto a closing Bridge 88. Getting crushed by Boulders 89. Flashing 90. Working in the Sewers 91. Prison Beatings 92. Mistreating your Servant 93. Being of Low-Birth 94. Being mistaken for a Bandit 95. Tripping over a Zombie 96. Meeting Mankar Camoran 97. Using the Mania Smith 98. Drowning in Sewage 99. Being Murdered 100. Being blamed for the Emperor's Death

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