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Pottery: Ocarina Clay Whistle

Pottery: Ocarina Clay Whistleについて

Check out my other pottery videos at www.youtube.com/user/EvolutionStoneware. Click 'subscribe' if you want to know when I post new pottery videos. I'm sorry I can't easily respond to comments left on youtube. Please direct question to my Facebook page Evolution Stoneware Pottery or email me through my website www.EvolutionStoneware.com. This is a pottery video showing how to make an ocarina or clay whistle. This was made for you by Janis Wilson Hughes, owner of Evolution Stoneware Pottery. I'm sure you noticed my dogs aren't in this one. They don't like whistles! Luna likes to bark when I'm playing the ocarina. Check out www.evolutionstoneware.com & www.amazon.com to get my 3 hour "Custom Clay Pottery Tools" video series on DVD and Instant Video, and go to Evolution Stoneware Pottery on Facebook for my latest updates. Thanks for watching and click 'like' (if you do). Search 'ocarina clay whistle' on Google for tons of resources. These are the ones I used to figure out how to do this: https://classroom.peoriaud.k12.az.us/sites/feager/Shared%20Documents/Ceramic%20Files/Ceramic%201/Projects%20we%20are%20doing%20in%20class/Pinch%20Method%20Projects/Creating%20a%20clay%20whistle.pdf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHM9IiiH2wc http://ceramicartsdaily.org/pottery-making-techniques/handbuilding-techniques/making-music-with-clay-how-to-make-a-ceramic-ocarina-2/

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