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How to Apply a Screen Protector (Dust and Bubble FREE)

How to Apply a Screen Protector (Dust and Bubble FREE)について

Just an instructional Video on How to apply a screen protector on gadgets with advice on dealing with air bubbles and dust trapped in the screen protector after application, and excuse the talking behind the scenes, this was the first and only take lol :D 1 ) Wipe down any marks, dust, fingerprints or adhesives from previous screen protectors or from general use. Also be sure to do it in an environment where there is minimal wind/draft to avoid dust being blown into the screen protector as you lay it down. 2) Remove the number 1 side of the screen protector facing downwards so that no dust will fall onto the adhesive side of the screen protector. 3) While hovering the screen protector over the screen, do one last wipe with the dust cloth as you align and place the screen protector over the phone. (If done perfectly, just push out any bubbles towards the edge of the screen with a card (or a blank sim card as done in the video), if done perfectly, this should be the final step and the screen protector should be perfect with no dust or bubbles, if there is dust left behind, continue to step 4) 4) As directed in the video, use one strip of sticky tape to lay ontop of a corner of the screen protector, and another strip of sticky tape to be used to grab the dust particles that are underneath the screen protector. 5) With one hand, lift the screen protector by the sticky tape, and gently but quickly poke at the dust areas with the other sticky tape to remove it from the screen protector. (Depending on how well you can do this, will vary the time it will take for you to get the screen dust off and bubble free) Hope this helps you guys ! , as working in the Telecommunications industry, It can be extremely frustrating for some people who are not great at applying screen protectors and some people tend to just give up and remove it completely and start again from scratch as they've already admitted defeat from the dust. I've done close to a few thousand screen protector applications myself and this technique is by far the best and most efficient without the use of a screen protector application tool.

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