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How Can We Experience Krishna? - Sadhguru

How Can We Experience Krishna? - Sadhguruについて

Sadhguru describes the multifaceted nature of Krishna, and how different people in the Mahabharat experienced him in different ways. Sadhguru talks about Leela, the path of the playful where one can explore the most profound and most serious aspects of life, playfully. If we are to taste the essence and be touched by the consciousness of what Krishna is, Sadhguru says that we need Leela. Otherwise Krishna won't be there. Full Transcript: When we say Krishna, the essence of who he is, he is an irrepressible child, a terrible prankster, an enchanting flute player, a graceful dancer, an irresistible lover, a truly valiant warrior, a ruthless vanquisher of his foes, a man who left a broken heart in every home, (Laughs) an astute statesman and kingmaker, a thorough gentlemen, a yogi of the highest order, and the most colorful incarnation. Krishna, to contain him in these seven days is an impossible challenge. At the most we can just have a glimpse of who he is, and that glimpse should be more than enough. (Laughs) Read more at: ••••••••••••••••••• Leela -- The Path of the Playful is an in-depth exploration of Krishna's life and teaching by Sadhguru, which took place in a unique program at the Isha Yoga Center. The Leela series is now available as a free webstream -- one part every week, on A new episode will be launched every Thursday, so mark the Thursdays on your calendars and bookmark the site! Leela, a multi-part online series, now available at Download Sadhguru App 📲

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