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Exede satellite internet rip offについて

This is a video review of exede satellite internet and their ruthless tacts to sign new 2 year contracts. ****UPDATED 6/19/2014**** After communicating with a customer rep yesterday, we have come to a compromise, exede has given me 2 free months as a way of trying to smooth things over. i knew they wouldn't give me what i really wanted which was to let me out of my contract without the penalty, b/c to do that would be to set a precedent and i doubt they are willing to part with that termination fee for the rest of their unhappy customers. this morning i received an email from exede asking me to take this video down because we had reached a compromise and there are quite a bit of negative comments. well this video is a review, a warning that i wish i'd had back before this began, this is not me telling you what to do, this is me wishing i had known better and googled reviews before going with exede. so it will stay up, for its original purpose of serving as a warning, not just about exede but about every contract you inter into, research reviews first so at least you will know what you're getting into. its nice that exede has given me the 2 months free in exchange for being misled, and horrible customer service, but it doesn't change what has already been done.

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