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Top 10 Best Libero In The World (HD)

Top 10 Best Libero In The World (HD)について

LIKE A BOSS Compilation | Craziest Moments | Volleyball World ᴴᴰ - New Video » Subscribe » Volleyball World: Top 10 The Best Libero In The World Rules for the libero All the big teams have one player that is a defence specialist, the libero. He is mostly change with a middle blocker in the back field but other positions are also aloud. If you never seen volleyball before you should know that their are some special rules for the Libero. The libero may not attack in the front of the field and he may never spike a ball above the net. As second is the this player not alloud to give an overhand set inside the front of the field. The Libero is also not aloud to serve in the volleyball game. VKontakte - Instagram - Facebook - About the FIVB The FIVB is the governing body responsible for all forms of volleyball on a global level. Working closely with national federations and private enterprises the FIVB aims to develop volleyball as a major world media and entertainment sport through world-class planning and organization of competitions, marketing and development activities. The FIVB is part of the Olympic Movement, contributing to the success of the Olympic games. YouTube FIVB Volleyball - VKontakte - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook -

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