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Bowser invites his mortal enemies Mario, Luigi and Yoshi over to his castle for a "friendly" race through the lava filled vaults of his dungeon. Our heros gladly accept the invitation. However they discover that Bowser's Castle is teeming with obstacles. Vicious thwomps, blistering fire cogs, a stone Bowser that hurtles explosive fireballs and a haunted hallway that plays with your equilibrium. Will Mario, Luigi and Yoshi be able to emerge from this trap unsinged or come out char-broiled? Enjoy! I apologize for the long delay in getting this video prepared. This is my 10th upload. It felt appropriate to "GO BIG"! I've included many of my previous special effects. Sound effects, picture in picture and stop motion. I intended to use blue screen to create lava. However, Stone Bowser is bluish-gray, so it looked like "Lava Bowser" instead. Using green screen didn't work either. Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser looked like their heads were on fire as they raced around the track (which is actually kinda funny). My parents came up with a better idea. Using cardboard, we spread wall spackle across it and then painted it orange, red and yellow. When editing, I adjusted the brightness, contrast and saturation to make the lava "glow". This video was taken in four video shooting. Actually five, but the first one was trashed because the lighting was too poor. This course was shot in segments. Segment one includes the outside of Bowser's Castle, from the last fire cog to the Bowser Castle entrance. Segment two includes the tilting hall and the thwomps. Segment three is stone Bowser. Segment four is the first fire cog and another thromp in the spiral. I chose segments because I don't have multiple obstacles. One fire cog and two thwomps. The other reason I chose segments is because my room is simply too small for such a spectacular course. Bowser's Castle deserves to have all of it's best attributes included, which is pretty much all of it! I don't need to say it really, but this was a fun course! Enjoy everyone! Music is from Nintendo: Mario Kart Wii: Bowser Castle.

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