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After the disaster that was Omega Weapon, it's finally time to nail the coffin on this game, and I'm glad she was much easier! There's no rush here so enjoy a mid paced last battle. My only regret is having Rinoa use Angel Wing, because those unfitting magic attacks got tiring after sometime. Special thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing off of my FF8 videos, I appreciate all the support and I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed playing through the game. Check out my entire playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIAy9xecKPrjJ-h25_6ndHkpxGWQSL4uE&feature=view_all Tags: Final Fantasy VIII FFVIII FF8 HD Ultimecia Griever Apocalypse Final Battle Squall Leonhart Gunblade Quistis Trepe Zell Dincht Selphie Tilmitt Rinoa Heartilly Irvine Kinneas Seifer Almasy Laguna Loire Kiros Seagill Ward Zabac Edea Kramer Balamb Dollet Timber Galbadia Fishermans Horizon Esthar Centra Trabia Balamb Garden Fire Cavern Balamb Town Centra Excavation Site Galbadia Garden Deling City Tomb of the Unknown King Winhill D-District Prison Missile Base Trabia Garden Edea's Orphanage White SeeD Ship Vienne Mountains Great Salt Lake Esthar City Lunatic Pandora Laboratory Lunar Gate Lunar Base Sorceress Memorial Lunatic Pandora Ultimecia Castle Art Gallery Tears' Point Centra Ruins Obel Lake Island Closest to Heaven Island Closest to Hell Scary Mountain Shumi Village Cactuar Island Deep Sea Research Center Angel Wing Blue Magic Combine Devour Fire Cross Limit Break Lion Heart Duel Refine Renzokuken Shot Slots More Tags: Ammo - Anarchist Monthly - Battle of the Gardens - Card Club - Chocobo - Chocobo Forest - Chocobo World - Combat King - Crossdressing - Crystal Pillar - Disciplinary Committee - Draw Point - Fan Club - Forest Owls - Game Over - Garden - Garden Festival - Gil - Great Hyne - Griever - Guardian Force - Gunblade - Healing Spring - Hotel - Junction System - Junk Shop - Lunar Cry - Magazine - Moon - Motorcycle - Occult Fan - Para-Magic - Piano - Radio Interference - Ragnarok - Rail Transportation - Revolver - Road Transportation - Save Point - SeeD - SeeD Assault Boat - SeeD Personal Carrier Vehicle - Shop - Siege of Dollet - Siege of Esthar - Sir Laguna's Page - Sorceress - Sorceress Power - Sorceress War - Study Panel - T-Board - Tempest - The End - The Girl Next Door - The Waltz - Timber Maniacs - Time Compression - Time Travel - Trepies - Triple Triad - Void - Weapons Monthly - White SeeD - World Map

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