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A SB cypher has been overdue, so who better to bring them back with a bang then Stormzy, Aaron Unknown, D Double E & Lady Leshurr?! Back to back, 16 for 16. 4 MC's. "At SBTV, collaboration is one of the core elements at the heart of what we do; bringing artists from all walks of life together and blurring the lines between what is considered the norm. To celebrate the Rugby World Cup today, our latest cypher does just that. Pairing up the likes of man-of-the-moment Stormzy, Birmingham's first lady, Lady Leshurr and SBTV fan-favourite -- and professional model, it's worth mentioning -- Aaron Unknown with the likes of Grime scene veteran D Double E, we couldn't be more excited to share this with you. Regardless of whether you're a traditional die-hard rugby fan or not, we hope this piece of non-traditional sport-related content gets you even more excited about today's Rugby World Cup. Also the video is about highlighting that we should be proud of where we are from, so wherever you're from, represent your turf, back your team and be proud of who you are! But it's not just about bringing musicians together, it's also vital that we connect brands. This being the case, it was great to work with the team at Beats on this project. We originally got involved when we were inspired by Beats by Dre's latest rugby related video, The Game Starts Here. They showed us the idea a while ago and it was part of the inspiration behind this video." - Jamal Edwards ---- Make sure to subscribe & never miss a video! http://bit.ly/NeverMissSBTV SBTV is the only place you need to be going to get the best in music, gaming, sport, comedy, fashion and business. Based in London, SBTV provides a platform to discover and break emerging artists, enjoy your favourite acts and unearth incredible talent. We’re constantly bringing you the exclusives so make sure to follow us on Facebook & Twitter to be in the loop with who we’ve been filming with! ---- ► Follow SBTV Twitter - http://twitter.com/SBTVonline Instagram - http://instagram.com/SBTVonline FaceBook - http://facebook.com/online.SBTV Website - http://www.SBTV.co.uk SoundCloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/SBTVmusic ► Check Stormzy https://twitter.com/Stormzy1 ► Check Aaron Unknown https://twitter.com/AzzaUnknown ► Check D Double E https://twitter.com/DDoubleE7 ► Check Lady Leshurr https://twitter.com/LadyLeshurr ----- Thanks for watching! ----- Produced by Sh?m

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