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 Philadelphia, PA -- Officer Frank Tepper will never be able to hurt another innocent person. On February 23, 2012, the frequently complained-about cop was convicted of first-degree murder in the killing of William "Billy" Panas, Jr., 21. Tepper's jury could neither be corrupted by the perjuring thug cops nor the blatant prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Tepper's trial judge is a friend of the police union (FOP) and made several counterintuitive rulings which favored Tepper. Tepper fatally shot Panas, 21, during a fight that started inside the officer's Port Richmond home and spilled into the street. The officer, who was off-duty at the time, claimed that he was trying to break up the fight, was jumped, and his gun went off by accident (as always, a police thug illogically rationalizes -- and outright lies about -- his felonies.) Witnesses said Tepper's son was fighting with Panas and that Tepper pulled out his revolver and shot Panas in the chest. Those same witnesses claimed that Tepper never identified himself as an officer and was not jumped. Tepper, 45, is the recipient of a staggering 57 prior internal affairs complaints, all of which were covered up -- as per a police website. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said Tepper was finally fired for violating several department policies in the Panas murder, including unauthorized use of a firearm, failing to call for help, and refusing to cooperate with the investigation. Ironically, Tepper was a civil affairs officer who was responsible for diffusing community tensions, not escalating them to the point of a fatal shooting! "He executed our son," William Panas, Sr. said when he got word of his son's death. "Every day is bitter...this is just the most incredible pain." Again, Tepper is the recipient of 57 internal affairs complaints, all of which were covered up by Philadelphia's corrupt joke of a police department. The department reports that far fewer complaints were filed because they do not count complaints which they decide to refrain from investigating -- even if they involve police felony allegations. As expected, prosecutors presented an extremely weak case in the Panas murder case in an effort to get Tepper (with whom they worked every day to frame innocent people) acquitted. In effect, the judge and prosecutors were co-counsel for the defense. The crooked police union (which last year endorsed a convicted felon -- Milton Street -- for mayor) and its thousands of thug cop members hired powerful attorney Fortunato Perri, Jr. to defend Tepper, in a blatant attempt to get Tepper acquitted and allow him to get away with a cold-blooded murder. "It's too hard," said William, Jr.'s mom. "Every car door you hear outside, you think your son's gonna come running in the door, all the time." Panas' parents said the holidays were especially hard. "No kid is perfect, but he was a cool little dude," William, Sr. said. Curiously, eight of the 12 Tepper jurors were female. That is because Tepper's world-class attorney, Fortunato Perri, is a ladies' man and is thus notorious for selecting females during the voir dire (jury selection process) so that he can manipulate them into acquitting his guilty clients. Nonetheless, justice prevailed and Tepper was convicted of first-degree murder. He now faces a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole. Even though I do not personally know Billy Panas, Jr.'s parents, I feel agony each time I see them being interviewed about this horrifying situation. Officer Frank Tepper should have been fired many years ago -- before he had the opportunity to profoundly harm any more taxpayers who ironically paid him for protection! Billy's death was so unnecessary and was, in effect, caused by Philadelphia's thug police department covering up the prior crimes of Officer Frank Tepper. Ironically, Billy's fatal shooting occurred within about three blocks from where two other complained-about Philadelphia cops, Stephen Liczbinski and Timothy Simpson, were killed in separate on-the-job incidents. http://www.bigtrial.net/2012/12/the-shame-of-philadelphia-police.html

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