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This is the games only real optional boss. It's only optional in the sense that if you want the item it drops (Slayer Robe), you need to beat it for a chance to get it. If you lose, you still progress the story. The boss is Grahf's Gear, Alpha Weltall...and believe me when this fight is VERY difficult to pull off without very specific setups. *Overview* The group walks into the center of Mahanon and discover what they refer to as God's Knowledge. The group is shocked to discover the data they find, but before Citan finds out even more, Krelian shows up to stop them and get the data for themselves. Then Grahf's attacks the group in his Gear for the first time. And now you get to see the full power of his Gear. Let me tell you, this fight is RIDICULOUS. You need to be prepared for this fight, if you're not, you won't win. You should be preparing for this fight all the way from the beginning of the game. How? Read in Strategy section for more info... *Stats* Fei: LV65 - Rose Tabard, Dark Helm, Step Shoes Resp Circuit, Resp Circuit, Resp Circuit Bart: LV62 - Wonder Whip - Crimson Vest, FeatherCap, Battle Apron Old Circuit, Old Circuit, Frame HP30 Billy: LV61 - Dark Armor, Evasion Ring, EtherDoubler Power Magic, Power Magic, MagneticCoat *Strategy* If you walk into this boss like you would any other boss, you'll Game Over super fast. Throughout the fight, Alpha can do up to 30k damage to one member potentially. So how do you stop this? You need items to increase evasion and buff your attacks. You also need a rather specific party member setup. It's usually always suggested to be Fei/Bart/Billy. Fei is required, Bart is needed for his Wild Smile and Sonic GWhip weapon which will silence Alpha's Ether Machine, and Billy with a Ether Doubler can do 8000-9000 rather easily with his Jessie moves. For equipped items, you need Magnetic Coats, an Ether Doubler, SonicGWhip, Power Magics, and Evasion Rings. The whole "preparing since the beginning of the game" is because you can only buy some of the items (in Nisan) before finishing the Tower of Babel. If you miss your chance, like I did, you're probably limited in the amount of required items you need to make this fight not nearly impossible. I managed to make do with a less perfect setup, but barely won. The Gears get all the Magnetic Coats (or other evasion items) equipped. This is to help avoid Alpha's physical attacks. The characters get equipped with Evasion Rings to do the same. Bart gets his SonicGWhip equipped as a weapon on his Gear, and Billy gets his Ether Doubler. Billy also gets a Power Magic or two on his Gear to make the Jessie moves stronger. Trader Card should be equipped on Fei if you care about that item drop. That's the jist of how to equip yourselves. As for actual battling, you'll want to Boost everyone immediately, Alpha is fast. Then you'll want Bart to Wild Smile once, Fei to System Id, and Billy to spam Jessie moves. Bart's next turn should be to use a regular attack until it says Ether Machine Silenced, so Alpha will stop slamming you hard with his Ether attacks. Without this, the fight may be unwinnable, so I hope you have that weapon for Bart. Other than that, just have everyone spam their best attacks. If you can get Bart into Infinity Mode, that'll help greatly. With enough luck, most of Alpha's attacks will now miss because of Wild Smile. Some will get through, so you'll have to tough it out and hope you don't die. I would not recommend using Frame HP healing in this, because dealing that massive damage is much more important that requires tons of fuel than healing to survive one extra hit that may not be dealt anyway. Alpha Weltall has 100k HP, the most of any enemy in the game, even the final boss. So feel proud if you take this guy out. http://www.bizkit.me

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